Your access to discounts and other services is dependent on your being a current student. Once you are no longer a current student your Office365 data will be deleted, and you will lose access to Amazon.com and other similar student discounts. Your Google account will remain intact however. You will receive an email from us that looks like the one below.

Note that Dual Enrollment students are often enrolled at non-standard times and may receive this email because their enrollment for the current semester has not been processed yet.

Because you are no longer enrolled or have not yet enrolled, we are not allowed to enable your access to a number of student discounts, such as Amazon Prime. For this reason, thirty days from now your student email.vccs.edu account will no longer be able to receive emails from amazon.com and some other similar sites. Your email and other services will continue in every other way however.

If you have been using Amazon with your email.vccs.edu account, we strongly recommend that you change your email address with Amazon before that time period expires.

You may wish to use Google Takeout - https://takeout.google.com/ to move your data to a personal account.

We would also like to inform you that if you used Office365 OneDrive with your student email account, that data will be deleted, so you should back it up. Your Google Drive data will NOT be deleted.

If you enroll after receiving this message, your access will be restored.